All pet laundry can be accommodated – please ask if you are not sure. 

Canine/Pet Laundry can be collected at the same time as an equine wear order. Otherwise, we require human wear to be dropped off at our premises in Norton, WR5. We can collect if necessary, but there will be a charge of 45p per mile each way.

Small Sheets/Fleece beds start from 50p per item
Vet Beds: 75p per bed
Padded Cushions: £2.50
Padded Beds Outliner: £2.50
Padded Cushion & Outliner Together: £4
Dog Coats: Washed only starts from £3
Dog Coats: Washed and Reproofed starts from £5

Flea treatment available too, starting from as little as 50p per item!