Racehorse Welfare Centre

We are delighted to be working with The Racehorse Welfare Centre for 2018 – providing them with clean rugs for their horses and lending a helping hand wherever possible. We have already done nearly 50 rugs for them in the first quarter! Wow! That’s a lot of rugs but as most of their ‘patients’ are thoroughbreds naturally, being kept warm is one of the top priorities.

The Racehorse Welfare provide necessary support to working racers that have become injured or since retired from their fast-paced life. They do not often re-home the horses that come to them so they live out their lives in a peaceful loving home with no stresses.

EquiWash Director, Vicky Gowenlock, also supplies the horses who are a little poorly with the Forever Living, Aloe Vera Gel to help boost their immune system and provide necessary nutrients to get them back to their fully-fit selves in no time! All just part of our charity services.

Good Luck to everyone involved with The Racehorse Welfare Centre for the rest of the year.

Want to know more? Contact them directly at www.facebook.com/TheRacehorseWelfareCentre

EquiWash has partnered up with the Herefordshire Riding for the Disabled and this has proven to be very fruitful. The RDA recently recently attended a tabletop sale organised by EquiWash Director, Vicky Gowenlock, and we managed to arrange a collection of various tack donations as well as some monetary donations. They were delighted as were we!

It is proved that pets can reduce depression and be a brilliant therapy to those who need mental and physical help. The RDA do a fantastic job at helping people get a connection with horses, learning to ride and helping those in need to feel a sense of purpose.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Lisa on 01432 870 831.