We offer a standard 7 day turn around, with an extension to 2 weeks in busy periods. We do also offer range of additional services such as an express, 3 day, turnaround and an emergency, 24 hour turnaround. These both incur additional charges, and these will need to be agreed and confirmed prior to collection.
Non-Collection Fees
If we have mutually agreed a collection time and date and the order is not ready for collection when we get there, we will not offer another collection for free. We will only collect thereafter at a charged rate of 0.45p per mile – or you may drop the order to us.
Bagging of Orders
If your rugs are particularly wet and / or muddy, please pop them in a bag prior to collection otherwise we may not be able to take them for you at our agreed appointment.
Repair Only Jobs
Please note: we absolutely will not repair rugs that have not been professionally cleaned. They do not have to have been cleaned with ourselves but due to health and safety of our team, and the care to our machines, we simply cannot do it.
Payment Terms
1: We can accept payment either by a BACS transfer or by cash on return of the items to you.
1a: If you are a new customer and opt to pay by BACS; payment will be required before we return the order to you.
1b: If you are an existing customer, you will automatically be granted a 7-day credit period and we will expect payment in full 7 days after the order is returned to you.
2: We do offer payment plans. These will require a deposit and you will need to sign a personalised payment agreement before the order is released to you. All payment plans must be agreed by both parties before return of the order.
Disclaimer 3.0: If payment terms are not met, your details could be handed over to a debt collection agency immediately. You will receive a message notifying you that this has been done and you may be charged additional fees or interest from said debt collector.
3: A formal invoice, on headed paper, will only be given upon request unless you are acting on behalf of a business.
Due to the Data Protection Act 2018, introduced by the European GDPR legislation, we must ask you some questions about the storage of your data.
As per UK regulations & legislation, we must hold all company information for 6 years. In order to keep a tight record of who has what rugs, we keep a detailed log in a private note book with your name, county / area and often a phone number along with a complete breakdown of your order.  We will need you to sign our consent form confirming you understand and accept this.
If you’d like to place an order with us and want to get organised in advanced, download our consent form and complete it now.
Disclaimer 1.0: We often do not meet our customers each time we collect and deliver an order. Please note, we will not take responsibility for the items before we have collected them, after we have dropped them or any other time that they are not in our direct care.
Disclaimer 2.0: We take down a very detailed account of all items given to us by yourselves. This inventory is taken as quickly as we can do and before the items enter the laundry room in any fashion. Therefore, in the rare event of a lost or damaged rug, we will only replace items that can be proved were given to us. However, any damages or losses that occur whilst in our care, that can be proven, will be rectified or replaced without question.