An order washed, cleaned and packaged ready to be delivered

Our extremely popular rug washing and proofing service uses the latest technology and products to keep your horse’s wardrobe in tip top condition and ensure that they’re the smartest pony in the paddock! Not only that, our innovative techniques prolong the life of your rug and reduce the risk of disease in your horse with the anti-bacterial products that we use. We offer anti-lice treatments and a ‘deep disinfectant’ service too at an extra cost. These services act as a great preventative which is always better than a cure! But we can kill off any bugs that have been noticed. We have a very strict routine so that contamination does not spread, but we ask that you book in for these services prior to us collecting the items.

Rug Storage

We are pleased to be able to offer a rug storage facility to our customers also. There are pricing packages to suit your individual needs from as little as 50p per week, and we can cater for long and short term storage in small or large quantities! Please contact us for details.

Rug Recycling

Got an old rug that’s seen better days? We can take your old tattered, torn and unused rugs for recycling so before you throw them in the bin, think about letting us take them off your hands to be put to good use elsewhere.

More than just horses…

The laundry services we offer extend beyond equine laundry too! We can accommodate pet bedding and blankets.

Our Express Service – faster than you can imagine

We are able to provide an express 3-day turnaround service for £3 extra*, for when you are in a rush. Some small orders can be done in 24 hours for £5 extra* subject to availability. Contact us for a quote on +44 (0) 7810 403460

How does it work?

Booking & Collection Service

Before we got our hands on it!

When you book any rug wash with EquiWash, we’ll throw in free* collection and delivery in the local area. Of course, if you’d prefer to drop off and collect in person then that’s fine too! We can accommodate all sized orders from single items to 60+ rugs in one collection. We ask that you do let us know roughly how many you have for us to collect in order to make sure we have the necessary space at the time.

How We Scrub ‘Em
No matter how much mud your beloved beasts have rolled in, or how filthy you think your rugs are, we’ve got a tool for the job. We’ll start by blasting the rug to remove excess hair and mud. We’ll then pass it through to our purpose built  equine launderette  where our industrial grade rug wash machines do the hard work in scrubbing out every last patch to create a rug that looks as good as new. We use the market leading detergents such as NikWax and MAG Wash/Proofs, formulated for our equine friends which is friendly for the environment and dermatologically tested so as not to cause any allergic reactions.

How We Treat ‘Em
We provide a re-proofing service for outdoor rugs should you require it and offer a deal on washing & proofing at the same time. With expensive turnout rugs, it makes sense to re-proof after washing to ensure the longevity of the item and keep your horse snug in wet weather. We use products that are top quality and formulated especially for the equestrian market. Our re-proofing treatments will ensure that your items stay waterproof without compromising breathability.

How We Dry ‘Em Out…
These days, drip drying and line drying simply isn’t an option. Not least because it’s weather dependent (and we never know what the weather’s going to do next!) but also because it increases the chances of bacteria developing in the damp rug and it compromises the effectiveness of any re-proofing treatments. All of our rugs are dried in our drying room on our custom hot and cold drying bars, guaranteeing you a fast and efficient service.

Need it stitching too?
You don’t need to tell us about the headaches and heartaches (more to the point, ‘wallet-aches’!) of seeing your expensive rugs ripped and torn. Sadly our equine friends often don’t take as good care of their rugs as we’d like them to! After washing and proofing, we can do repairs so that your rug will live to fight another day! All repairs are taken on, no repair is too big or too small. See our rates page to find out more information on prices.